DOB 02/09/1997
I'm from Osaka, Japan. When I was in elementary school and junior high school, belonged to the soccer club.
At the same time I touching the Internet culture of the 2000s - Youtube, Nico Nico Douga, Flash, etc.
and I had been producing videos such as MAD videos since elementary school.
From high school I started Rock band activities. At this time began producing electronic music such as Eurobeat
with Cubase LE 5 used for guitar recording.
After that, he went on to Music and Acoustic design course of Musicology department of Osaka University of Arts
to study music more deeply.

I learned about various knowledge of music such as classical composition techniques, harmony and counterpoint,
Western music history, contemporary music, electronic acoustic music, recording technology, synthesizers etc.
and practiced and produced them.
As other activities, as a synthesizer unit that plays EDM "TOM + Endy" appeared in many events and hosted.
In addition, DJ activity at electronic music circle in university.

image of recording with Schoeps KFM6 image of play acousmoniumimage of mixdown with Calrec UA8000/32 image of TOM+Endy Live

In particular, I conducted various experiments on how to use three-dimensional sound musically.
In graduation production, I compose the music using binaural sound source and stereo / mono sound source simultaneously
to create a new hearing experience in headphones.
Furthermore, I created a video that could help the experience, and completed it as a new audio visual work
"Expansion and Contraction".

image of Expansion and Contraction

Even after graduating from university, I have been making binaural works and electronic music
based on the techniques I obtained in this way.
In recent years I mix and arrange my EDM using binaural techniques and
released as "Binaural EDM". At the event abbreviated Otoket, CDs containing them are sold out and received high praise.

In an era where it is commonplace to listen to music with earphones and headphones, in order to convey a suitable sound,
My mission is to create works that bring out the charm while respecting all the engineers
who have been involved in 3D sound.

Also, I produce electronic acoustic music and EDM of ordinary stereo sound source.

I have been positioned Hardstyle as my main genre because I had a tempo that suits my taste and
I felt a sense of immersion in melodic music and magnificent reverb and
the inquiring mind awoke to the difficulty of making the sound of the main kick.

Today, I am exploring new originality genre every day, as well as specific genres.

In the field of electronic acoustic music, I selected for the electronic acoustic music concert
CCMC 2018, 2019 held by acsm116.

Making use of the wide range of music knowledge and techniques I have acquired at university,
still now create new works.

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