Hardstyle DJ/Producer, Binaural-Mix engineer

DOB 02/09/1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan
I have certified ABRSM Music Theory Grade6, JAPRS sound recording exam rank A,
JPPA movies and acoustics engineer exam
Studied music and acoustics. I established a musical method of Binaural-Mix and create some works.
My Binaural-Mix method is make a music immersive and comfortable when listen to music with
headphones and earphones.

Also I compose the electronic dance music e.g. Hardstyle, Future-bass, Brostep and so on.
I will be conscious of my music encourage listener and enrich listener's life when I compose.

Still now I compose the music and mixdown the music using technologies of Binaural,
and search the ambisonics(VR) musical mix method to find the new excitement.

Moreover, I expand my various service in this website.
If you need some Music, Audio visualizer, Mixdown, Mastering,
Hardstyle Remix, Binaural mixdown and so on, or you have any questions,
please don’t hesitate get in touch.